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4pm-5pm: Enjoy the Grounds + Cider Reception (weather permitting) –

A gorgeous setting to breathe in the Fall air — bring a blanket, chair, camera.


5pm-7pm: DXF “Jumpstart” Party

Featuring insider’s access to Levon Helm Studios, the Premier Showing of the DXF Jumpstarter Video and a DXF Swag Bag.


Party Admission: $50

Your chance to Jumpstart DXF: Reward Levels from $100 and up.

At the party, we will reveal our company mission, vision and plans to develop Dance Xross Fitness, with an appeal for your help. Then you will have the opportunity to decide which Jumpstart level makes sense to you. There is no pressure – your presence at the party is already a sign of your support. However, it is our hope that you will want to back our venture with funding that ushers DXF into the next phase of growth. All guests will receive some DXF Swag!


You are invited to the DXF™ “Jumpstart” Party — hosted at The Barn @ Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock.  This is a rewards-based fundraiser in support of Dance Xross Fitness – a grassroots, innovative wellness venture poised for large-scale growth and enormous success. Created by Bryant “Drew” Andrews, the Artistic + Wellness Director at the Center for Creative Education, Dance Xross Fitness is an engaging cardio-interval program that features a mix of Dance, Kickboxing, Strength Training and Soul Line Dancing. DXF is rapidly expanding, but not fast enough to keep up with demand. We have worked hard to establish our brand, build a solid business model, develop our program, create classes and launch fitness careers. We have already earned National recognition and opportunities in the worlds of fitness, education and community-building.  But sweat equity can only take us so far.


A financial jumpstart is needed to create the digital infrastructure that will enable us take DXF to the next level. Join us at The Barn to learn how your backing can jumpstart the growth needed to take Dance Xross Fitness to the next level – one which will create jobs, enrich local economies, build communities, provide leadership opportunities for youth, and improve the wellness of families across the country.


We promise to make you proud and give you bragging rights for discovering and backing what has been called “the next big thing in fitness” by Carol Scott, CEO of one of the most innovative group fitness associations in the world. Before our crowdfunding opportunity is open to the public, please consider gaining rock-star status for being an early supporter of this winning venture!


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