DXF® is a FUN, uplifting, and empowering fitness program for all ages and ability levels incorporating four disciplines: dance, kickboxing, strength training and soul line dancing. Dance Xross Fitness® is FUN and EFFECTIVE and gets RESULTS!


Hip Hop, African, Soca, Motown, Contemporary.


Karate, Muay Thai, Western Boxing, and more.


Light Weight, Strict Form, Stacked Sets, Gravity.


Wobble, Shuffle, Electric Slide, Cha-Cha, and more.


  • My students are begging me to switch all my classes to DXF.

    Pilly Gonzales Fitness Instructor
  • DXF is what we want from a workout- it's challenging and fun. The team loves the mix of  dance with intense physical movement - our triceps and quads are burning!

    Joan Persico Head Coach, St. John's University, Women's Volleyball
  • With DXF, I lost 35 pounds and my Mom lost 30. Now I teach DXF in my P.E. classes to children with special needs. They are hooked.

    Heather Crowley Devereux P.E. Teacher
  • DXF is the next big thing in fitness. Watch and see how fast this catches on.

    Carol Scott CEO, ECA Worldfitness
  • DXF is exactly the kind of school-based physical activity program that can favorably influence school climate, connectedness with school, and educational outcomes.

    Charles Bash Professor of Health and Educa7on, Columbia University
  • "I just have to share the power of DXF I experienced this week. As many of you know I am the Phys. Ed teacher at Devereux. We do DXF with my students at Devereux everyday for 30 minutes in our gym. Due to the flu virus, we have had to close the school and all school TAs and teachers have had to program out of the dorms. This means I have been isolated in a 12 student dorm for 3 days. No leaving or visiting other Dorms. Day 1 - I came into the dorm 8:30 and the first question from my group of 17-21 year old boys was , "Can we do morning workout since you are here?!?" That day we did DXF in the living room for an hour. Day 2- we did 45 mins of DXF and then a student and I spent a great deal of time making a new kick boxing song to Drake's- Your Ugly. He made most of the choreography! Monday when we are back In school we will present our new kickboxing song to the entire school for morning workout / DXF. Devereux is a school for kids with severe autism and/ or terrible behavior problems. The boys I have been with this week are the boys with the difficult behaviors. DXF had helped us make it through the week with NO problems. Thank you to Drew Energy and his DXF program, it is amazing in so many ways for so many different abilities."

    DXF® Coach Heather Crowley
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“The fastest hour of fitness you will ever experience.”

DXF Career

DXF offers career and leadership opportunities through a certification process with integrity.


DXF is an innovative, sustainable program used by schools and recreation leaders to promote family fitness, fight childhood obesity and build community. DXF links schools, families, communities and local economies.

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