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Elements in format

DXF® is a challenging interval workout that can be modified to accommodate all levels of fitness.

DXF® classes focus on a variety of movements while targeting all muscle groups. DXF® combines dance principals with the latest kickboxing, and strength training moves. Soul line dance sequences are interspersed throughout the 60-minute session to promote interval training and encourage uniformity among the group. Use of hand weights are used for strength training. This is all choreographed to fabulous music. These methods are built in to keep this class ever changing. It is a serious total-body workout that will leave your students feeling stronger, leaner, empowered and happy they came.

About DXF® Creator Bryant “Drew” Andrews?

Bryant “Drew” Andrews is the Executive Director at the Center for Creative Education – a nonprofit community center for arts, wellness and education in Kingston, NY. Drew is a dynamic, energizing force that brings over 25 years of human service, dance and fitness experience to communities worldwide. Drew is the founder and choreographer of the award-winning Energy Dance Company, whose focus on Hip-Hop fusion, high-energy dance style and rich, hard-hitting choreography have won him national and international recognition. Through the creation and development of the yearly “Let’s Move! Ulster” and “Let’s Move! Dutchess” series, Drew has worked to fulfill his mission of community building and family fitness. Drew created DXF® -Dance Xross Fitness® as a response to a wide spread demand for a comprehensive fitness program that is fun, engaging, challenging, motivational, inspirational and tailored for all ages and ability levels. Group Fitness instructor, an award-winning choreographer, an accomplished hip- hop and Latin dancer/instructor, and a human service professional, Drew has dedicated his life to health, wellness and community, and will continue to create comprehensive programs which combine artistic growth and development with health and fitness awareness.


Lisa Brown

DXF Certified Coach since 2013

Stephannie Costello

DXF Certified Coach since 2013

Sue Fick

DXF Certified Coach since 2013

Meridith Robb

DXF Certified Coach since 2013

Malik Andrews

DXF Certified Coach since 2014

Carrie Wykoff

DXF Certified Coach since 2014

Michele Howard

DXF Certified Coach since 2015

Stacey Nodelman

DXF Certified Coach since 2015
DXF DANCE Certified Coach since 2017

Lainie Boler

DXF Certified Coach since 2016

Donna Valea

DXF Certified Coach since 2017

Becky Longazel

DXF Dance Certified Coach since 2019

Randi Zinn

DXF Certified Coach since 2022

Alessandra DeSilva

DXF Certified Coach since 2022

Joey Williams

DXF Certified Coach since 2022

Become A Coach

Who is the ideal DXF® Coach?

Any present fitness instructor, dancer, teacher, group trainer and/or fitness enthusiast who is community-minded and in a position to provide and lead fitness and wellness opportunities. DXF® class leaders are considered coaches because of the type of attention given to their students. They inspire, motivate and empower through consistent class engagement.

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